Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Links and Webpages – You Be the Judge

Perhaps it’s a mere quirk of mine, a sense of entitlement when I land on a web page I choose to explore. I didn’t land there by mere accident, and if I did…it had better be good, or I’m out of there clicking the backlink faster than a mouse being chased by a cat!

Once I’m engaged with a webpage, I intend to stay there for a while…at least long enough to read what I have found; quite often, I’ll even contemplate my findings and leave comments for the author. This obviously is determined by the type of webpage I visit – not all websites are meant for on-the-spot commentary, nor should they be.

Back to my sense of entitlement dilemma…and all those pretty little links, showing me the author did due diligence, research and what have you…

Links are cool! Don’t get me wrong! I’m a firm believer in using links to expound on solid writing, and provide a much broader perspective of the topic being presented.
What I don’t like is landing on a page, clicking on a link, and ending up completely off the page I chose to land on in the first place. It’s not that hard to click the “open a new window” box, when formatting and posting a page on the web. By doing so, viewers can enhance their reading experience, without interrupting their train of thought.

Experiencing webpages is different from reading them. I prefer to experience what my author experienced when presenting the page for vast readership. I want to be captured by the article before me, and rely on credits and embedded links only as an afterthought. It’s my right to read an article of my choosing without being whisked away to some foreign page, all because I want to see what might be hidden behind a certain link. It’s my deliberate choice to read the article before me, and personally, I’m not too keen on that being taken away unexpectedly.


What are your quirks about links and linking? How do you feel about links throughout the article? Would you rather see a list of references at the end of the article, or not at all? Share your thoughts in the comments, please, so we can all make the most of this post togetherJ

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