Thursday, May 10, 2012

Eliminating Anonymous Comments on Blogger

Most of the time, it’s harmless. Once in a while, however, the option of providing for anonymous comments provides a platform for inappropriate behavior, at best. I don’t really get it, but then I suppose I don’t need to either. All I know is there’s a way to eliminate the temptation, while still allowing people to comment freely on your blog.
Step 1:  Go to your Blogger Dashboard
Step 2:  Click on More Options
Step 3:  Click on Settings
Step 4:  Click on Posts and Comments
Step 5:  Scroll down to “Who can comment?”
Step 6:  Click on “Registered User (includes Open ID)” or any choice below it.

While you’re there, you may as well turn your word verification off.

Scroll down to Comment Moderation and click “No” where it says “Show word verification.”

My personal theory is that if you’re already addressing comments by preventing anyone from posting to them, you probably don’t need word verification anyway, especially since only registered users will be allowed to comment.

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