Saturday, May 19, 2012

Blog Perceptions – Personal Journals Gone Awry or Mini Websites?

There’s a lot to consider when starting a website. The foundation of that website provides the stability necessary to build it according to a pre-determined plan. The owner of a website usually has a vision for their site, an idea to expand upon and build accordingly. Websites don’t happen by accident.

Curiously enough, I was engaged in a conversation recently where I mentioned I needed to go and update my blogs. The person who heard this immediately replied, “Blogs are dumb. All people do is go on there and talk about their problems, chatter about doing laundry and complain about their days.” I was a little taken aback by the commentary, but completely understood where this person was coming from. Heaven knows I’ve visited my share of blogs that fall into those exact same categories.

I responded simply, “Blogs are mini-websites. They can be anything the author wants them to be.”

Perception is reality, good people, so the questions of the day are:

What is your perception of blogs?

  • Do you think most blogs are personal diaries that get blasted all over the web?

  • Are blogs mini websites that can be used for a variety of purposes?

  • Does the informal format of blogs lend itself to author rambling, which can and often is a turn-off for visitors?

  • Do rant blogs drive you crazy, or distract you from things you might rant about yourself?

Your comments are encouraged here, and you know I will answer them with my personal opinion and thoughts on the matter. Don’t hold back. Let’s keep this conversation going and see how it helps us develop our own blogs.

As always, thank you for stopping by and visiting with this fine group of writing enthusiasts. Wishing you a wonderful weekend, good peopleJ

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