Monday, April 30, 2012

Pictures and Images Enhance Websites

The World Wide Web is a visually stimulating place where interaction occurs because webmasters take the time to make their product appealing to their visitors. One of the reasons many web page designers attract visitors is because their pages include pictures and other images that provide a place for the eye to land, upon reaching the destination of the page.

Consider why people are surfing the web. It’s not to waste time, though many will probably admit to spending way too much time on the Internet. People search for information; they want to know immediately if the page they land on will give them what they seek. Is there any better way than to have a picture staring them in the face, with an image that draws them further into the page, offering an opportunity to read a well-written article, which has been presented thoroughly and professionally?

Pictures enhance websites in other ways too. Each image has its own story to tell and stands alone. This triggers energy in the brain of the person seeing it, relaying a vast realm of messages to its recipient. Including pictures in web pages isn’t some willy-nilly, last minute, hasty decision. It is part of the overall integral design that creates an ambience and helps determine whether or not visitors will return. Chances are, if they’re not impressed with the images viewed the first time they enter a site, they won’t bother reading what’s on the page, let alone returning to see if there’s anything new worth considering.

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Photo Credit:  Wikicommons, Creative Commons Attribution