Monday, April 30, 2012

Book Lovers and the Ebook Revolution

I’ve been thinking about this whole ebook revolution for quite some time now, particularly since I started reading a paperback book I received last Christmas. It was easy to pick up my book from the stack I carefully piled on the corner of my dresser, until I could get to them. Somehow, I don’t think I’d be as excited about sorting through files on my computer or ebook reader, while trying to remember which ebooks I had in my priority reading stash.

Yes, I’m one of those…

I really do pile books and place them in strategic bundles to remind me I need to read them some day. And yes, eventually I end up reading every last book in the stack too.

My computer is a bit of a different story. As my desktop gets crowded, I tend to file things away…this includes sending as much as I can to the round file.

Old ebooks remind me of old magazines for some reason. There are more than enough being published every single day, many with the same or similar topics and themes. How many ebooks does one really need to keep on file anyway?

Books on the other hand, real books that you actually hold in your hands to read, flip through the pages, leaving orange Cheetos marks on their corners, inhaling the delightful aroma of ink on recycled paper and using them in place of a coaster when none can be found…these are the essence of what faithful readers desire and keep forever. They will never be doomed to the life of just another file on just another outdated computer that needs to upgrade its software yet again. 

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Photo Credit: Wikicommons, Public Domain