Sunday, July 17, 2011

Writing with Meaning and Integrity

The other day, I was researching an article for a client. Imagine my frustration when I came across several “resources” that, to be completely honest, didn’t say much of anything at all. Don’t get me wrong. These were real articles on well established sites. For whatever reason, the authors thought they could fudge it, and not give any information of value.

Stating the obvious is not considered writing in my book, folks. Throwing words out there, that any third grader could come up with for a one time book report, doesn’t qualify as professional writing. If you want to write effectively, do your research and make a statement with your articles. I don’t care if you’re producing blogs, emails to family and friends or articles for websites and clients. When you’re representing yourself as a writer, it might behoove you to write like a writer.

Clearly, your tone and phrases will change according to your audience when you write. That doesn’t mean your writing can be full of fluff and no substance. So make it count when you write—regardless of where your work gets posted. You’re a writer, and real writers take time to choose their words carefully, research their material thoroughly and present their work professionally.