Saturday, May 8, 2010

Using Business Cards to Promote Your Writing Portfolio

I’ve been thinking a lot about business cards lately. It seems lots of places have prize drawings for them. You can win free lunches at restaurants, big coupons at supply stores and discounts at many retail stores. People with business cards also tell lots of people what they do and how to contact them.

Freelance writers may want to include an http address of their portfolio when they design a business card, but there’s absolutely no reason not to use one. Business cards can be left anywhere. You can leave them on the bathroom counter in a restaurant, hand them out at the library, drop them on the magazine table in the doctor’s office.

Business cards are your mini billboard that directs people to your business, freelance writing. Are you a poet attending local poetry readings? Why not make a business card to give to everyone in attendance? Did you meet someone interesting when you were walking your dog? He might want to read your work, and supplying him with your business card that tells him where to find it sure beats writing the details down on an old grocery receipt or scrap piece of paper.

Business cards are one of many tools you can use to promote yourself as a freelance writer. They’re easy to make, can be printed right from your computer, and help get the word out about your freelance writing work. Leaving them anywhere and everywhere is just good business.

Besides, you never really know who might be looking you up and viewing your portfolio. Could be that anonymous publisher that changes your life forever and offers you a book deal, all because he found out about your fabulous writing through a business card you left in an unsuspecting place.

I’ve written a whole lot more about business and public relations in my finance blog. You can learn about web marketing, keywords and starting a newsletter or emarketing campaign. The important thing to remember is that as a writer, you are in an entrepreneurial business. You need to represent yourself as a business person, displaying and presenting your work in ways that get you noticed. Business cards help accomplish this. Using them in combination with other tools like email and linking is good publicity.