Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tapping Into Raw Emotion – Revealing Your Soul in Your Writing

Tapping into raw emotion is never easy. These past few days, I found myself experiencing the gamut, as deep buried passion refused to be snuffed out and set aside. It’s what happens when you read a book like Taking Our Lives Back “The most powerful writing I see from students in my creative writing classes happens on the night I ask them to write about an unresolved anger or painful episode from childhood…it aims to show students how evocative writing can be when it touches bare feelings,” states author, Patti Sherlock. 

I can’t help but remember Little Women, where Jo is humbled into writing what’s really in her heart, rather than a superficial story. This is the novel that sets her free and makes a difference in the world, the story that needed to be told because of its unprecedented value to mankind.
We all have one of those buried deep within us. Sometimes we hold back, staying in our comfort zone and avoiding the depths of our souls. That’s okay when we’re merely writing research to meet a deadline. It serves a purpose well enough. Yet, each and every writer longs to develop the great, life changing novel that will expose the uniqueness of trapped character waiting to be revealed. Fear and so many other things block our path. Find a way around, over, under or through it. Take out a sledge hammer and break through the barriers that prevent you from being the great author you were born to be. Share your story with the world!