Friday, May 14, 2010

Setting Goals to be Successful

The art of success depends not on how much we accomplish, but how well we manage the ups and downs required to achieve great things. It can be completely overwhelming to mass produce content. It doesn’t matter if you submit articles to a community content site for upfront payments, or maintain a blog for fun. Both can quickly wear you out if you let them turn you into a workhorse, with too little to show for your efforts.
The reality is that you will only accomplish your goals if you believe in your heart that you can achieve them. You must be honest with yourself, recognizing the full truth surrounding your situation. If you’re uncomfortable with the truth, so much the better. That means you understand the need for change which can be as simple as a much needed attitude adjustment.
Your outlook on what you do matters. It’s nearly impossible to make things happen by dreaming about them. Dreams need to give way to plans which need to be implemented. So if you want to write a book, you need to plan a story, make an outline, and start typing. If you want to get your book published after you’ve written it, you need to write query letters and reach out to publishers who might be interested in helping you. In other words, you need to take the steps to make your dream a reality.
Dreams can and do change over time. It’s a good idea to tune into a vision of your future. Determine whether or not your dreams will help you get there. Don’t be afraid of the answers; use them to help you achieve your goalsIt might mean less is more, and it could mean learning new skills. Accept the challenge to make your vision a reality.