Monday, May 10, 2010

How Writers Get Rich

I’ve been networking lately, trying to meet new people so I can get my work read by a larger audience. It’s funny when you do that as a writer. Everyone thinks you want to get into the business of selling a product or something. People start giving you their pitch, telling why their program works and asking you to sign up under them. Others tell you they don’t even have a pitch, but after you read their pamphlet full of free advice, they hit you up to buy the book that has all the good stuff in it. From there it’s a constant game to keep you up to date on the latest and greatest ways to build your own profitable business.

If life was only about money, I’d have thrown in the towel long ago. C’mon. Really? Do I need to offer free advice and start a network marketing business to gain financial freedom? Can’t I just write, network with the people who actually want to read my writing, and avoid playing games that manipulate my audience into buying a hope or dream that may or may not exist in the first place?

Oh, their advice is not useless, friends. We do need to know why we’re doing what we’re doing. We do need to understand what motivates us and how to connect with people. What we don’t need to do is sell everyone on our message. We don’t need to deliver headtrash in the form of a nicely wrapped up package that has a pretty bow on it. And we certainly don’t need to sell our writing.

True writers share a valuable message that people need and want to hear and receive. They don’t make empty promises about getting rich. They face reality, knowing that so many variables affect financial success, ruin, and everything in between. True writers relate to real people, not to sell them something after they’ve bought the message being presented, but because they respect their audience enough not to sell them anything at all.

True writers get read by a large audience because of the message, not the sales pitch. If you are a true writer, write the good stuff, from your heart. Don’t waste people’s time mass producing content that is meaningless. Be creative and insightful, and write things that matter, not things that sell. These articles, stories and novels will sell themselves, and then you really will be rich in many more ways than you can count.