Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Freelancer.com: Stats, Analytics, Reviews

You see the ads at the top of the page. You wonder if this could be the real deal, and whether or not it’s worth it to sign up at another freelance writing job board. I know, especially when you’re writing for communities that pay for page views on your work. You’d love to break this whole freelance writing gig right open, but everyone has an ad promising to be the answer to your dreams. Do any of them really deliver?

This post will address the ads at the top of my page. I will share facts and research with you about Freelancer.com. I will not guarantee results or failure, as I believe most of those come directly from individuals anyway.

Freelance writers collect and report information. They craft stories to make people think in new and different ways. They challenge the status quo, often overcoming all obstacles to meet their goals. Businesses that benefit from hard working freelance writers are lucky to have them. They know it and treat their people well. Status reports reveal the trends of these businesses, providing valuable information to their members.

Freelancer.com Stats and Analytics

Alexa compiled a report for Freelancer.com that shows growth and success for members, some of which have given the site a 5 star rating and even claim to earn lots of money from Freelancer.com. According to Alexa, the site is highly recommended.

Traffic Estimate portrays Freelancer.com as being in the midst of a growth spurt. Their graphics clearly show traffic increasing at Freelancer.com. Traffic Estimate also provides some background information about the company, stating that, “This Google Page Rank 4/10 website has a Traffic Estimate rank of 1,129 with an estimated 8,087,400 monthly visits.”

Xmarks gives Freelancer.com 4 ½ stars based on nine reviews. Personally speaking, I have more work than I can handle from Freelancer.com. They send me new jobs to bid on several times a day. I like the fact that companies are rated there, allowing me to make an informed judgment about whether or not to place a bid.

I think Freelancer.com is an opportunity for freelancers to find online work. Many of the assignments are work from home jobs. Given the current job market, this is a big bonus in my book. It’s also a chance to get your name and skills known and recognized by real companies, not just in communities that collect a lot of content.