Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Benefits of Technology

Have you ever noticed how many things are out there to help us promote ourselves lately? We have email and gmail, facebook and twitter, blogs and writing communities, and gadgets galore.

I was completely overwhelmed by it all, and while I created a facebook account, I simply couldn’t go there with twitter. Come to find out that I can have facebook messages and friend updates sent to my cell phone; I can even send my own personal updates to my facebook account the same way too. Now, wherever I am, I can wish a friend well, or share my thoughts because we know my cell phone is almost always within reach.

I held out and fought the technology revolution a bit at first. I still prefer being secluded on a hidden beach or forest trail, to rubbing elbows with hundreds of people in the city. Yet, I too would have a difficult time losing my connection with the world, a connection that gave me friends in foreign lands, and reinforced the meaning of my life.