Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Writer’s Challenge

Life is an adventure. It’s an opportunity to try new things and explore the world. We’re all on the same playing field, but we have different ways of expressing our uniqueness. You never know when something seemingly insignificant will turn into something else. What’s even more interesting is that we often affect people without even realizing it.

Be open to all of your possibilities. Don’t let fear prevent you from being who you were meant to be. More importantly, don’t let laziness give you an excuse not to discover who you really are. As a writer, you have an impact much greater than you realize. You also have a responsibility to the rest of the world.

How will you use your gift to make a difference and improve society? Will you expose activities that could have dire consequences? Will you be more passive, and share stories that teach morality? Do you use your voice only through the written word, or do you graciously accept the microphone, answering questions as they arise?

How and when it happens, no one knows. It does happen though, and if you are willing, it will be an adventure beyond comparison. Greatness isn’t born; it simply responds when the opportunity presents itself. Live life boldly, and laugh along the way.