Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Voice of Those Forgotten in Michael Jackson Mania

Every writer needs an angle to tell their story. Do you follow the cues of the crowd and cater to the masses, or do you find a niche and enlighten your audience with something new? How much is too much on one side of the topic? And when is it clear that people are only trying to collect on the behaviors of the crowd, which in turn makes mob behavior sensationalized?

We’ve all watched over the past several days as Michael Jackson mania swept throughout the world. Today is his funeral, and he will be worshipped once again. Then we will get to hear unending reports about every possible detail of the funeral in the weeks to come.

It doesn’t matter if you are among the small minority that doesn’t believe in idolatry, or perhaps carry the cross of child abuse deep within your soul. You don’t have a voice in this crowd, until someone has the decency to remember you.

I will remember you today! I will stand up and profess your right not to worship a man who represents wounds in your soul that can’t be healed! I will speak out against the mob that so easily overlooks the pain abuse causes, and the man who claimed to be unstoppable, not only in music, but in whatever he chose to do.

As a writer, I need to take this risk! I need to use my gift as a voice for those who can’t be heard! I need to stand up in truth against wrongs in this world, regardless of the repercussions and back flack I might face for it.

Michael Jackson could sing and dance. He was sad about losing his childhood, and in his resentment, he stole the childhood of others – as well as their desire to sing and dance in a world that would allow them to be so violated. Aside from his victims, there are countless others who identify with the pain, having been victimized by different perpetrators. The very idea of forgetting the pain Michael Jackson caused in favor of worshipping his star status is sickening to them, as it should be!