Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Quality Web Content

Get rid of the bells and whistles. Stop the presses, literally! You are an internet writer and your main role is to provide information to the people. That means you need to focus on your content first. People using the web want to find what they are looking for in a hurry. Respect their time by making your content useful.

Ask yourself these three questions before publishing your web content:

1. Does it provide added value for your audience?

2. Is it clear, direct, accurate, and succinct?

3. Would you hit the back button if you came across it in a search?

If you answer “Yes” to questions 1 and 2, your answer to # 3 will undoubtedly be “No.” If you need to think about your answers, it’s time to edit your work. Anyone can publish content. Writers who take the time to produce good content may not always produce as much quantity, but they will certainly get more page views based on quality.