Monday, July 13, 2009

Getting More Page Views on Your Writing

Here’s a quick exercise for you that is sure to improve page views on your internet writing.

1. Pick 3 topics you know very little about.
2. Start searching for them on the internet.
3. Write down the words you use to find out information.
4. Use those words to generate traffic to your articles.

You may be the writer and expert on a subject, but someone else needs access to what you wrote. That person isn’t looking for fancy words. He’s using everyday language to find out what he needs to know.

If he’s on a budget and plans to go out on Friday night, he wants cheap entertainment, not inexpensive attractions. If he’s looking for foods that won’t irritate his Celiac disease, he’ll be searching for wheat free products, not allergy specific diets.

If you want more page views, you need to make your work more accessible to the general population by speaking the same language they do so they can find your work.