Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Your Power to Write

Does internet writing stress you out? Does it make your blood race, and interfere with your daily activities? Are you using it as an excuse to ignore the rest of your life? I know I do sometimes, and you know what? That’s not healthy!

I had a completely irrational response today when my internet service provider had a glitch. After all, I was in the middle of important business, and my “self-imposed deadlines” shouldn’t have to wait. People needed the information I was planning to publish on the internet, and therefore, my ISP should remain in working order, without causing problems for me, right? Wrong!

I discovered that all those things I needed to say could wait, and even if I published them, there wasn’t exactly a line of people waiting to read them. Something else happened too, though. My teenage son couldn’t play his internet video games. My teenage daughter wasn’t able to chat with her friends on Facebook, and the 3 of us spent a few hours of quality time together, instead of in different rooms of the same house.

Sure, I could have probably submitted a few more articles in the same amount of time. I could have earned the couple of dollars in upfront payments, and page view pennies on a bit more of my work over time. I can remember when I wouldn’t have stressed about less than $5.00 if you had promised to give me $10.00 for doing so. It simply wasn’t that important because I had better things to do, like hang out with the best kids in the world, mine – and I won’t give up my bragging rights on that!

Being a writer is great, as long as you don’t let it take over your life. Expand your horizons, and see what’s out there! Reach out to local magazine publishers and let writing work for you, rather than you working so hard to write. Otherwise you will lose your passion, and turn into a work horse, something that stifles creativity, and promotes power for those in control. Don’t let blogging, ebooks or any writing venue become your government standard of writing. Be your own person, and keep your power. Writing is not an obsession, but a gift that you have been very blessed to receive.