Friday, June 19, 2009

Sharing Your Writing through Word of Mouth

Who have you told about your writing? Have you used your bragging rights and shouted from the rooftops that your name is all over the internet? Have you shared your latest article with all the contacts in your email? Have you at least let your mom or dad know that you are an author, and that people you’ve never met before actually read your work, on a global scale?

In a world where anyone can put as much as they want on the web, you must let people know that you are among the thousands (okay, probably millions) who have contributed to the vast amount of internet knowledge that’s available. You are carving your niche, but having your own little space won’t do you a bit of good unless people know you exist.

Links are invaluable for this. Still we must not forget the power of pride as family members claim they are related to a famous author. And who doesn’t love the neighborhood gossip? She tells everyone that you hide out at home all day writing massive amounts of content for the web…and you even get paid for it!

Ah yes, don’t forget to mention your work in casual conversation when you are checking out your groceries. Send a note to your dentist when you write an article about tooth decay and to your vet when you discuss the pros and cons of pet vaccines. You might even plug their business for extra points. No one will know unless you tell them. Put a face to your followers and fans, and turn them into friends who can help you spread the word.