Monday, June 29, 2009

Revealing the Writer Within

It was only a theory, or maybe it was a word. That’s all it took to unleash the spirit of the author within. Wild, cast out into the darkness of oblivion. I dare you to say what’s really on your mind. The breath of whispers cast dew upon the shadows, yet never leaves its moistened mark. Who then can claim to be victorious, if not the writer revealing what was lost?

Shall I overtake your stride with sentiments you can only hold back? Emphatically I send poisoned darts into the center of your soul to offer healing from the pain you once denied. Memoirs, novels, and verse set muse into a tailspin. You are not alone when the author can see right through you.

Yet you fumble, struggling to offset your innermost soul. No longer dead, but alive with anticipation of every stroke seeking to be found, you melt into the essence of your being, sharing your story with the world. Without hunger, there’s no need for food. Without nourishment, the spirit dies. Without death, there is no life.