Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Precious Writing Time

How much time do you have? Are you as busy as the rest of us juggling family, work, health, and all sorts of extra responsibilities? If so, then you’re used to the hurry up so you can move on mentality that helps you get everything done. Unfortunately, that is one of the hardest things about writing. It’s not a quick and easy process that generates income overnight.

When you tap into your writing talent, you need to take the time to express yourself effectively. You can’t do that if you’re throwing words out there for the sake of finishing an article. Readers won’t even acknowledge your minimized efforts if that’s all you do.

This doesn’t mean you have to be a slow producer, on the contrary. It does mean you need to decide when and where writing will fit into your life, and commit to making it happen accordingly. If you want to be a fulltime writer, you need to make sacrifices, so that you have at least 8 hours per day devoted to your work. That could include research, practicing your typing skills, and even reading. It doesn’t include weeding the garden, having lunch with your friends, or taking a nap.

What’s your game plan, and how do you intend to implement it to reach your own successful goals as a freelance writer?