Thursday, June 4, 2009

Freedom of the Press Explained

Let’s examine Freedom of the Press today. indicates that the rights of journalists, to express themselves without infringement, have been in decline lately. This bothers me because as I understand it, Freedom of the Press holds authority figures accountable for their actions, encouraging growth in healthy democracies.

Every organization has a system of rules set up to avoid chaos. However, avoiding chaos, and restricting communication that doesn’t agree with your opinion are two very different things. In the first, people with opposing views are allowed to debate their positions, or agree to disagree. In the second, censorship is employed, discriminating against people who don’t necessarily agree with you.

Perhaps I am a bit outspoken at times. In a free society that shouldn’t be a problem. Trouble occurs when we gradually give up our rights to avoid conflict at any cost. Survival of the fittest is often the result, creating a groupthink mentality. As a writer, it is important to exercise your right to Freedom of the Press. It is also necessary to defend your right to do so.