Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Writer's Responsibility and Power

Writing, while often therapeutic, should not be considered yours alone. If you intend to share your work with others, you have a duty to remember your audience. Not only that, but you have to expect your writing to reach beyond the intended audience.

Taking responsibility with the written word is not easy. It requires discipline and restraint. All those pent up emotions, especially the negative ones have to be dealt with diplomatically. Venting is not allowed, while making your point is highly encouraged.

My next tip for helping you improve your writing is to practice good citizenship. Use your articles to promote strong morals and values, not degrade society and challenge the rights of others. Build up the writing community with your work, taking special responsibility for every word you express, even in private communications with others.

As a writer, you have a certain power to impact the world around you. Denying your power is sad. Ignoring it is reckless. But abusing it, to the detriment of others is absolutely tragic!