Thursday, May 14, 2009

How to Engage Your Audience

There are so many things I want to tell you today! It’s funny because yesterday, I was drawing a blank, and hoping I could come up with something valuable to say. Now my mind is racing, and I have to slooowww down in order to make a message that is clear and engaging.

That is the key, isn’t it? You have to engage your reader, while simultaneously delivering your message. Writing is after all, communication at its best. It is about two or more people, reading or hearing a message they can use to enhance their lives, provoked by the master of words, you, the author.

My next tip is to write to someone. Create a persona, complete with needs, wants, schedules, family, and even a personality. Get to know this person, writing directly to him or her, when you are composing your work.

Some people even go so far as to create a paper doll of their persona. I believe the fancy term for it is avatar. I’ve never tried that, as I choose to write to my dear friends, respecting them as individuals, and appreciating their friendship.

As I write, I take time to pause and consider how readers will respond to my words. Will they nod their heads in agreement, enjoying the message I reveal? Will they sit up a little straighter, waiting to find out what I’m going to say next? Perhaps my article will anger them, preferably toward the topic at hand and not me.

As long as your audience is engaged from the passion you share through words, you have succeeded in expressing your message effectively, laying a foundation for communication to continue in the future.