Tuesday, May 19, 2009

How to Earn Trust from Your Fans

Developing heart & soul in your writing is important. It invites your audience to become emotionally attached to what you have to say. If they can somehow connect with your message, a relationship between you and your fans will follow.

That being said, you need to be trustworthy for your audience. Building a foundation of trust in your writing requires consistency and accuracy. Your readers need to know when they can expect to see new work, especially on the internet.

If your readers can’t depend on you, they will look somewhere else to find similar information. This also applies to accuracy. You need to make sure your facts are tried and true. Your readers are depending on you to get the information they need. You don’t know why they need the information, and it could be a real disaster for them if you get it wrong, and they pass it along to someone else, or quote you in their research paper.

My next tip for you is to build a relationship with your audience based on trust. Be consistent, so they know you are dependable. Make sure your facts are accurate, representing valuable information that can be passed on to others. This will help you increase your fan base, and create long lasting relationships that flourish over time.