Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Enhancing Your Writing through Word Choice

I love words! They speak to me, inspire me, comfort me, and express everything I could ever want to share with anyone! That doesn’t mean I always know how to use them correctly though.

One of my favorite resources for words is a dictionary. I’m not referring to the online searches you find by putting define:word into your browser, and then searching. I’m talking about the actual book that you keep on your desk, ready to be perused. That’s a good word isn’t it, peruse, the verb meaning to read through carefully?

My next tip for you is to use your dictionary. Keep it readily available to look up words, discover new words, and clarify your message. Use your dictionary randomly when you aren’t composing an article too. This will help build your vocabulary, giving you several word choices when you work on your writing.

Dictionaries are perfect references, and they come in all shapes and sizes. Make sure you keep an updated one on hand. It doesn’t have to be expensive. I’ve seen them available for under $2.00 at discount book stores. With the proper word choice, your manuscripts will flow and express your message easily. Treat yourself to a real dictionary, and have fun with all the words at your fingertips.