Thursday, May 28, 2009

Defining Blogs

So what is blogging exactly? Is it fair to stereotype blogs as personal web journals? Is there a right or wrong way to blog? How often should you post, and what should you share with your readers?

A blog is, in its simplest form, a website. It is a place to share your words, pictures, ideas, and anything else you’d like. In a way, blogs are very personal. You can use them as public journals, keeping in mind that anyone will be able to find and read what you write.

When you begin to understand the power you have with blogs, it gives you reason to pause and consider what people might be interested in reading. Your best friend may be supportive when you tell her your whites turned pink, because your washing machine broke. Now be honest, do you think she wants to read an article from a complete stranger about the same thing?

Because blogs are so public, they can be used for noble purposes. You can use them to share your faith, or even as fundraisers to support your favorite charity. Perhaps you want to address controversial issues, in an effort to provide more information to the public.

Only you can decide what to write about in your blog. Some topics lend themselves to daily entries, while others deserve to stand alone for a few days, allowing more visitors to think about and pass on their message. Regardless of how often you post, please remember to be courteous with your message. You have the power to make people smile. It is best to use it to your advantage.