Monday, June 1, 2009

Being True to Yourself in Writing

by M. J. Joachim
Updated 11/9/15

Being true to oneself is challenging. Sometimes it means standing alone and letting people judge you for the way you express your beliefs. Other times it means being careful not to offend individuals by what you say, or how you say it. Finally there are times when you need to tell it like it is, regardless of who might disapprove.

There is no way to avoid offending people. No matter what you do, or how you do it, everyone has an opinion, and few will refrain from sharing it. You could write the greatest novel in the world, and someone will find fault with it. You could be the most generous friend known to man, and another person will claim they didn’t get enough from you. You can even spend hours primping in front of the mirror to look perfect before you go out, and still not be satisfied.

That’s the real point. You see, as much as you try to improve or please those around you, it seldom makes much difference, if you aren’t focused on who you really are inside. You were born for a purpose, not as another random creation thrust into the midst of oblivion. You have a duty and responsibility to adhere to certain principles in life that steer glory back to your creator, and away from yourself and others.

You must therefore address and respond to the things in life that inspire and intrigue you. Whether it is with a smile or by jumping up and down in total abandonment, you need to release the feelings associated with who you are inside, especially when you write. That also means addressing wrongs and doing what you can to correct them. This is the hard part, because people will take great offense to you for being so outspoken. Do it anyway, and be true to yourself and the one who made you.

Express yourself in your writing without reservation. Be polite about it, but don’t hold back and share your real author with the world. Your words flow from who you are and what you are about. Even your fiction and poetic words do this, because everything stems from somewhere, and the writer’s voice stems from the writer, and all the experiences, feelings and notions that enter the writer’s mind and heart. Your writing is a very real part of who you are, so release the inner writer you have inside, and discover just how good your writing can truly be.

Because real writers take their place on the stage of life, playing their parts to perfection. This is M. J. wishing you excellent writing adventures.

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